Athlete, have you tried Extreme Ironing?

| John Anderson | Sports



Meet Extreme Ironing, which according to the Extreme Ironing Bureau – yes there is such a thing – is “the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt.

It usually involves ironing at location or circumstances which makes it near impossible to iron such as: while mountain climbing, skiing, snowboarding, parachuting; in the middle of a street; underwater; on a frozen lake and you name it.

Extreme Ironing can be practiced solo or by groups. 

Bonus Fact 1:Some say that bungee ironing is the ultimate of extreme ironing.

Bonus Fact 2: If you like extreme ironing you should also consider Extreme Cello Playing, which was inspired by the sport at issue, or wife-carrying.

The latter originated in Finland – home of the air guitar – where a yearly competition is held in July. Men have to carry their ‘wives’ – yes you can carry more than one – over a 253.5m course through water and up and down hills. The prize is your wife’s weight in beer.