Why does North-Korea have its own rules for basketball?

| John Anderson | Sports



Because Kim Jong-un the supreme leader of North Korea decided that’s what he wants!

In 2012, Kim, an avid basketball fan and personal friend of Denis Rodman, thought it’s high time to change the game and introduced the following rules:

  • Three-pointers are worth four if the ball is a swish.
  • Slam dunks are worth three points.
  • A point is deducted for any missed free throws.
  • Successful field throws in the final three minutes of the game are worth eight points.

If you like Kim’s rules, you’re more than welcome to apply it to your own Kingdom.

Bonus Fact: Kim Jong-un was educated at a small private school in Switzerland, where he was reportedly a fairly mediocre, quiet student and an avid basketball fan of the Chicago Bulls.

In 2006, it was first reported that the 23-year-old Kim Jong-un might be the next leader of North Korea. That was a big surprise since he has older brothers.

In 2009, the BBC reported that Kim Jong-Un presented his candidacy in the North Korean Supreme People’s Assembly, but later did not appear on the list of elected officials. Nevertheless, after the election, Kim Jong-Un received a rank in the National Defense Council and was nominated as the supreme leader successor.

You’ll also be pleased to learn that in 2010 he was also awarded the rank of Army General, apparently without attending even Bootcamp.

On December 19, 2011, two days after his father’s death, he was officially appointed as North Korean leader.