Who intercepted a plane with irritable-bowel power?

| David Lewis | Humanity



The sunny skies were aqua blue that day in 2006. A routine flight from Washington to Dallas took-off on-time and as scheduled. All the lights were green and the captain gave a big thumbs-up to his trainee. 

A couple of hours later, the passengers had already finished breakfast and the crew was collecting the empty cans when suddenly a harsh smell of burn spread across the airplane. 

The well-trained pilot decided to take no chance and immediately landed at the nearest airport. 

All passengers and crew were promptly evacuated, but not sent home. In this FBI investigation, everyone is a suspect. Is it malfunctioning or a failed terror attack? One thing is for sure – The team will spare no effort to get to the bottom of this.   

After carefully examining all the evidence, the investigative force finally cracked the case. They proved that the smell of burn was caused by a woman passenger that lighted matches in the hope to cover up the smell of her flatulence. 

Bonus fact: In New Zealand flock flatulence is responsible for half of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions.