Can anyone survive a 6.3 miles fall?!

| John Anderson | Humanity



It was a cold January day in 1972. JAT Flight 367 was safely cruising 33,333 ft (10,160m) above East Germany when a briefcase bomb exploded in the baggage compartment. 

All 28 passengers and crew members lost their lives in the horrible crash, all but one.

Vesna Vulović, a Serbian flight attendant, suffered a broken skull, three broken vertebrae that left her temporarily paralyzed from the waist down, and two broken legs. After a 27-day coma, she woke up and after 16 months in hospital, she completely recovered save from a minor limp.

Bonus fact 1: Vesna was found with her head down and her colleague above her. His body probably cushioned the fall.

Bonus fact 2: The bomb exploded while Vesna was serving lunch. She was found while her body in the fuselage and her head on the outside. It was the catering cart that prevented her from falling off the fuselage altogether, thus saving her life.

Bonus fact 3: The man who found her served in the German army as a medic in World War II and knew how to treat her at the disaster site.

JAT Flight 367 wreckage