What is the UK flag composed of?

| Linda Brown | History



The United Kingdom flag, commonly known as the Union Jack, is a combination of the flags of the four kingdoms that comprise the UK – England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland derives from the English flag, rather than comprise the union jack.

Its recent update was in 1801, following the union of Great Britain and Ireland that year.

Bonus fact 1: Though since 1921 Ireland parted from the UK leaving just Northern Ireland in the union, the flag has not changed.

Bonus fact 2: The Union Jack has no legal status since no law has even been passed officially making it the national flag of the United Kingdom. It has just somehow effectively become the national flag through precedent.

Bonus fact 3: In recent years more and more Scots demand to leave the union and declared full independence. If that would happen, this is how the new Union Jack will look like:

Union jack without Scotland