What does Drunk Hedgehog Day celebrate?

| David Lewis | Humanity



In the Middle Ages, Hungarian peasants knew no better way to get rid of snakes, mice, rats, and other pests than … you got it – drunken hedgehogs. They believed that under the influence of a hangover, hedgehogs become more aggressive, fearless, and ruthless towards the parasites in their surroundings, that is to say, the farm.

Legend has it that this groundbreaking biologic pest control method was discovered thousand years ago by a Hungarian farmer who misplaced some beers outside and woke up the next day to find out that hedgehogs drunk the lot with great pleasure. He also noticed that his crop suffered much less from parasites than usual.

Good news travels fast and soon enough all Hunherain farmers began to leave beer plates under each bush and lock their dogs up for the night, so they would not scare off the hedgehogs doing “the work”.

To commemorate the bond between farmers, hedgehogs, and booze, the Drunk Hedgehog Day is celebrated in Hungary every year at the end of the harvest on November 28th.